Doctors & Practitioners

  • FHKAM (Paed), FHKC (Paed)
  • Specialist in Paediatrics
  • Joining date 2004

Dr.Chiu joined International Doctors Limited in 2004.   

He received his medical training both in Hong Kong and at Guys Hospital in London. 

He trained as a general paediatrician & worked at the Queen Mary Hospital Paediatric Teaching Unit here in H.K. for 15 years.  

In 1995 he was appointed the Paediatric Nephrologist in charge of training. Although now in Private Practice, Dr.Chiu is still involved in the paediatric kidney clinics at QMH & carries out voluntary work at the H.K. renal & haemodialysis centres.  

Dr.Chiu attends at hospital deliveries.

He provides care for new borns and inpatient paediatrics.