Doctors & Practitioners

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • MSocSc Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Joining date 2013

Sonia is a family therapist working with families, individuals, couples and adolescents.  

She has a collaborative, holistic approach, seeking to help individuals and families gain new insight about themselves and each other.  Therapy becomes effective as new knowledge is applied to break ineffective patterns of individual and interpersonal functioning, and develop better ones.

An advocate of a systemic approach, Sonia recognizes and values the impact families and significant others have on each other.  

Although intentions can be well meaning, people in close relationships can unwittingly cause mutual stress and pain.   

By supporting clients to identify maladaptive interpersonal dynamics, Sonia helps them with skills to free themselves from counterproductive behaviors, thereby restoring and repairing connection.

Sonia has an integrative approach, drawing on ideas from family and emotionally-focused therapy as well as cognitive behavioural, mindfulness and brain-based disciplines. 

Her primary focus with clients however, is always to create a space where they feel safe to explore their thoughts and feelings.  The sense of being truly heard and understood is the first step to healing and the basis on which problems can be openly shared, new opportunities explored and empowering, life-enhancing strategies and outcomes formed.

Sonia helps clients with a range of presentations including relationship issues, life cycle transitions, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

A long term HK resident, Sonia is originally from the UK and has worked and trained in London, Sydney and Hong Kong. 

She is married with two teenage children.  


Sonia holds a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, a BSc in Psychology and a Counselling Diploma. 

She is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and the HK Professional Counselling Association. 

She has been practicing in HK since 2010, working with families at an Integrated Family Service Centre and at St John’s Cathedral Counselling Service.